When dentists compete for Check-Ups and Cleanings...
You Win!

CarePresto Check-Up

To find the best rates for check-up and cleanings, patients usually get quotes from several dentists, asking for a comprehensive breakdown of the fees and the estimated total costs. However, to save you time we provide you with the average procedure cost in your area as well as the fee schedule with the actual price you will pay by procedure with your CarePresto plan.

How much does a Check-Up and Cleaning cost?

The average cost for a check-up and cleanings is around $100+. However, with CarePresto, you could save money on the same procedure. Costs will vary depending on where you live and your needs.

Common Dental Procedures Average
Your Price
with CarePresto
D1110 Prophylaxis : Adult Cleaning $105 $40
D1120 Prophylaxis : Child Cleaning $79 $32
D1351 Sealant (per tooth) $65 $22

*CarePresto price is a sample of what some dentists are willing to charge for that procedure in the CarePresto Network.